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Cluckin Crazy

Recently I have been applying for various jobs, the one thing I hate is the feedback or should I say the lack of feedback.

These employers I understand have a lot on of applicants, (don’t know about you but they could atleast send a blanket message). Wow I’ve gone straight into a rant today, sorry folks.

On a good note I have received 3 interviews out of the 15000 jobs I’ve applied for…bit of an exaggeration.. ..cant be far off though.

I’m currently sat on a high stall at the window of KFC looking out at the car park in my local town. (just setting the scene for you). I’m here for an interview funny enough, first impressions; well the staff seem friendly and the bonus of this interview is a free Pepsi, (hey every little helps…wait…no that’s asda. )

What Is amazing me today is the fact that if I was late today even by 1 minute I’m sure there would be a cross tick in the “good at time keeping” sector of the job criteria….however it’s perfectly acceptable for me to be sat here for 30 minutes…bearing in mind 20 minutes ago I should have had my interview…..! So my main guess is if I have shit time keeping skills I’m going to fit in at this establishment. 🙂

Id like to give them a satisfactory reason … but unfortunately no can do I’m afraid KFC. I really hope they don’t read this before they make a decision on my capability of this job, plan… don’t post until after…! (I won’t I will forget and post it )

WOW just overheard them say to a customer they have run out of Chicken….back up …. rewind….its KFC….whats the main ingredient of KFC…. CHICKEN….

So I’m presuming the Manager is out at the local farm chasing chicken’s….. (picture it…in your HEAD!…I AM )

Ok folks I’m going to leave this here before I get too carried away on the chicken saga.

Be safe….

Peace out!

Ciao, Adios, Bon Voyage.


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Apologies Fellow Followed

Hello all. Long time no post; sorry all it’s been a very manic festive season.

So in a nutshell Christmas day FND decides to make an appearance for the majority of the day, resulting in me falling in out of sleep on the couch until around 5pm when it decided to ease and I could enjoy what left of the day I had with my partner, who had the patience of a saint Christmas day with the way my body was.

The days after that just seem to merge into one, that’s the only thing over the festive period; I can’t be the only one who loses track of what day I’m on when christmas hits our homes.

New year was brilliant, my partner and I had a nice chilled one visiting our friends and Godson. we stayed over, had a wonderful buffet followed by games, made a change chilling for new years.

Good start to 2018 though, I’m waiting on confirmation to start Neurophysio, so hopefully my body will be back on track.

Hope all is well in your lifes.

And if not then keep positive lady’s and gents and remember everything happens for a reason.


Ciao, Adios, Bon Voyage


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Have a rock

Hello all…im very sorry I haven’t posted in a while it’s just been a manic couple of weeks and do apologise. (Honest I really do)

The title of this one “have a rock”, Now I don’t literally mean go out a get a pet rock, although it would be the most easiest pet to ever have wouldn’t it? …

This time of year tends to be stressful for the majority of people, wether that be because of christmas around the corner or due to the fact that winter is here and it is damn freezing out there. This time of year is when most people health issues tend to play up, If your one of those people then go get yourself a rock if you haven’t one already.

Sometimes life just gets too stressful that our brains literally can’t take it anymore and start to turn to mush… you need to let off steam now and then to prevent mushy brains. So by a rock I mean someone who is there when you need them wether that be a phone call away or you neighbour, just for you to know that someone is there when times get tough is all you need.

Rocks help, they take some of the strain so you can relax ( at least rant together about things).

Go get your rock.

Peace out!

Adios, Ciao, Bon voyage


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Interview with Becca Hardcastle

Another interview from a wonderful person who also is an FND fighter.

For those of you who are new here, Just a quick break down (I say quick, hopefully i don’t babble on), I was diagnosed approx a half a year ago with FND (functional neurological disorder) it effects people differently so I thought to interview different FND fighters to show how it effects different people. This is the 3rd interview.


Where are you from?

• How old are you?

• How long have you had FND for?

20 months

• Do you feel FND restricts you?

In some ways, yes quite a lot, but I try to not let it stop me from doing as much as I want to do

• What helps you control FND?

Pacing myself to try and avoid getting really run down, managing my stress/anxiety levels as much as possible and my ‘survival bag’

• Do you have the right support medically and at home?

Yes, mostly, although I often struggle with wheelchair access at school

• Describe a good day?

Minimal pain, not too much fatigue, able to get around and go out. Generally, just a day where I feel as normal as possible

• Describe a bad day?

A lot of pain, bad fatigue, stuck in bed. Generally, days where I can’t do anything of what I want to do and feel rubbish

• What would you say is your favourite hobby and why?

When I’m able to, playing the guitar and singing, because I find it really relaxing andstress-relieving

• What would you advise people who have just been diagnosed and also to those who just need advice here and there in all walks of life?

If you’re struggling with things, make sure you talk to someone about it and try to get advice from them! And always try to stay positive and find the good things in every situation. For FND, pacing is key, so structure your time well, leaving time to rest. Most importantly – listen to your body!!

So there you have it. FND from another angle, not every fighter is the same, nor do we all have the same symptoms. FND is a tricky one (Google it if you don’t know what it is ). The word needs spreading about FND let’s do this. !!!

Thank you Becca for answering the above questions, just to put it out nobody is forced to answer the questions (don’t worry I’m not that mean haha).

Peace out!

Adios, Ciao, Bon Voyage.


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FND is Like Cluedo ! 

Lying in bed a few nights ago and it suddenly come to me that FND is like playing a game of Cluedo. 

Now your probably thinking has this girl gone phyco or what! 

When you sit down on a Thursday night family night (I say Thursday because thats what my family decided on ), and you cant decide what your going to do. Is it going to be lets see how many times Mum can get on the Karaoke? Or is it going to be board games?. Personally im not a fan of the karaoke situation, its the awkwardness that comes with karaoke that im not a fan of. I literally feel like im standing there looking like that talking orange (has to be a red orange because that would be the colour of my face when participating in karaoke #embaressmenttomyself. 

Back to the board game night; sorry I do tend to go off track. 

Cluedo the game of clues.

 FND the game of clues. 

Comparing FND to a game is no fun at all but when you sit back and think about it, it kind of works. For example your arms decide they are not working anymore … but why? So you ask yourself was there any “pre warning” could something had triggered this wobbly arms attack. 

My guess is that if you find all the clues just like in cluedo you could be on to a winner with solving the FND cluedo game. (I for one am constantly trying to find clues #secretobsession) 

Instead of getting stressed; which makes situations 10X worse as an FND fighter, why not turn it into a game of cluedo. 

Let me know if you find any facinating clues…Lets power on through this guys and girls. 

Peace Out !

Ciao, Adios, Bon Voayage. 


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When you have finished reading this post your either going to think 1 of 2 things:

1: what a complete loon and why have I just taken the time to read this?

2: I am completly on your level. 

( number 2 people I am a fan of you!) 

If you already think number 1 then I’d stop here. 

I dont know about you but when I was younger my brother and I used to make up words, kind of like our language, (who am I kidding I still do this now). It was so fun and if you have never done this you have to do it, go have some fun. 

A few days ago I was explaining something to my partner and came out with the word SPELLO (may I add by mistake). Thinking about it this is a pretty awesome word TYPO = When you type a word and the spelling is wrong

SPELLO = When you write a word and the spelling is wrong. 

What a genius. OXFORD DICTIONARY here we come. (Keep your eyes peeled)

So if you have got this far then congratulations…proud of you. 

If you havent then, well this is a pointless sentence because you wouldnt be reading this. 

Peace out!

Ciao, Adios, Bon Voyage 


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Just believe 

Just how “cliche” can my title be? … hey thats a rhetorical question…please do not answer. ( keep it in your head)

From time to time everyone just needs a bit of encouragement, whether that be for inspiration for a college essay, or just the get up a go to get to work on time even though its the last place you want to be. Unless of course you have a fantastic job that you just cant get enough of…In which case …congratualtions. (thats not sarcastic … honest)

All through my life I have always said Believe In Your Dreams, (unless of course you dream some freaky things than toss them in dream bin and dream again)

Encouragement from others does help but having a little faith in yourself really does go the extra mile. 

FND can extremely bring us down from time to time, one minute you can walk, next minute you’re having a meeting with the floor just because it summond you, (damn gravity). When I was first diagnosed I actually felt relived, finally we have an answer I thought, then it kicked in. 

A) What on earth is this crazy shit

B) Lets try to explain this to others


I lied it really wasnt challenge accepted, I spent half my time on Google looking for answers but that wasnt what I should have been doing. 

BELIEVING in your self is the way forward. Its hard thinking I used to be able to run but now I cant etc etc…but I challenge you. 

Turn 1 negative into 3 positives. This is where I started, and from there everything should fall into place. (Please dont quote me on this I am no guru)

Have confidence in your FND and hopefully in return FND will have confidence in you (now that just sounds damn cheesy)

Scrap that…..JUST BELIEVE guys and girls 😉

Peace out!!!

Ciao, Adios, Bon Voyage 


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End of a Chapter

6 years my partner and I have been working abroad, its been an absolute blast. We have seen so many amazing areas and are thankful for every opportunity we have been given. 

   For those of you reading this and are thinking I wish I could do that/should have done that. Then do it, your never to old to work abroad. Trust me your not. 
For the first 3 seasons we worked with a company then jumped ship as that company was slowly sinking and not going to lie I cant swim haha. We swapped to another comapny and we were the youngest working for them the rest were 50+ and looked damn good for their age, so like I said your never to old. 

Out of the 6 years we have done only 2 with me having neurological problems but this season is the first as an FND sufferer. It is different. Challenging at times (nothing i cant handle though). 

But my patience with people has dropped tremedously, so I think its best to stop now haha. 

Onwards and upwards. Who knows what the future will hold. 

Onto the next chapter in our lives and that is…
Wait for it… 

WEDDING PLANNING (time to get a bit more stressed, FND you best behave)

So there you have the latest. 

Take care all

Peace out !

Ciao, Adios, Bon Voyage.


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New trainers 

I dont know about others but I go through so many trainers it is unbelievable. I used to as a kid to be fair, my parents were always buying me new school shoes and every time they would say “make sure you look after these, we’re not going to buy you anymore”. I never understood that statement, like seriously are you going to let me walk around for the rest of my childhood looking like a orphan from Annie, infact i think they even had shoes so not really a good comparison. 

Since being diagnosed with FND there is a good medical reason why my shoes or should I say my right shoe gets completley mullered. I first was diagnosed with drop foot so since then I have a orthotic brace that I insert into my right shoe so my foot actually picks up off the floor rather then being way behind me, so scrapping the front of my shoes is no longer the problem, its the brace itself, cuts into my shoes sole or even the side. Cheap shoes like your £10 pair from shoe zone or even Primarni last abouy a month or two, so I have to go for the named brands such as Nike, Vans or Addidas. I dont mind of course but my partners bank account isnt too fond on this idea. 

I recently bought a pair of Addidas Superstar and honestly they are so comfy, but I have to resit wearing them constantly before they follow the other pair to garbage world. 

So I guess what Im trying to say is since being diagnosed my life has become that tad bit more expensive. 

Peace out !!!

Ciao, Adios, Bon Voyage 

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Sun sun sun 

SUN. Makes you happy right? (Well it makes me happy anyway). Sometimes though it can be that tad bit too hot. 

Welcome to Spain, where my partner and I are working for 6 months this year. So far so good, and I must admit that my FND has touch wood…been not too bad. The odd occassion of a major attack has occured once or twice which is a bonus. ( i say bonus id rather none haha ) 
We are now in July and the heat is just crazy…no wind as we are in the side of a mountain. (Yeah i dont jump to walking up that everyday) 

Clients have to be honest been a pain, but nothing we cant handle. I may have a bit of an FND attack but its all good. 

2 months to go and then back to sunny England. Actually I am looking forward to getting back and seeing the family, specially the dogs. 

Best be off clients to please

Peace out !

Adios, Ciao, Bon Voyage.