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Just to make you chuckle

I was staying at my Grandads recently with my better half and I decided to be a bit cute and cook us both a steak dinner.

Everything was going so smooth, the chips were ready, I had already cooked one steak to perfefireman samction  and now onto the other. All of a sudden my pan goes up in flames, the flames well they were so close to the ceiling, I have instantly panicked, then laughed then well panicked again in the space of seconds, I shouted for my other half, she came running in to find no flame (of course this had to happen) and me just repeatably saying “OMG OMG I cant believe it”

(I thought this guy above was going to have to help)

The flame disappeared I went to turn the gas out, but I turned the gas out on the oven and not the hob (Very clever there) and then wait for it, it kicked in.

FND was there, I felt my legs go, my heart was beating through the roof, and in the blink of an eye I am on the floor. (wow that happened quickly)

Moral of the sflame grilledtory – if you want flamed grilled steak go to a steak house and not your grandads kitchen .




Peace out !

Ciao, Adios, Bonvoyage





Im 24, live in Portsmouth UK. (Nice place, take a visit) .... I enjoy most things, travel, photographing and of course writting. Funny things happen around me all the time so why not turn into something.....I like to inspire others and give people hope I guess. I was diagnosed with FND 2 years ago and still continuing the FND journey. Climb aboard and join me 🌍

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