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headache-clipart-7.jpgThere is nothing worse that waking up the morning after have a few alcoholic beve’s. I mean Im sure waking up in the middle of a mountain range with bears circling you would be worse but in this case…no…HANGOVERS.

Im not overly fussed on the term “hangover”, I like to call it “under the weather” or “aftermath” if its really bad, or simply “poorly”.  That way its not obvious to others that its the “drink” thats caused you to feel a little bit “under the weather” you see.

Now I dont know about you but If I have been drinking the next day I seem to wake up pretty damn early. WHY? the birds are not even singing yet so why am I waking and 1hr after my head has recently hit the pillow. NO NEED.

Eating the next morning tends to be a no go for me, and the word GREASE the next day makes my stomach do summersaults. My partner dragged me mcdonalds for breakfast one morning, well we missed the breakfast and onto the lunch menu. The smell of food when it the “aftermath” just make me Vom, I literally want to chunder all over the kids happy meal next to me. It was just an aweful experience (safe to say that has not happened again)

I have tried variouse “hangover cure remedies” they just dont work very well. I suppose the idea is to not drink so much but its not that easy when your having a ball haha 🙂

I have now come to eating when feeling a little “under the weather” but when feeling the “aftermath” that is still a no go for me.

The best thing I find is in the morning get out of bed go and empty that full bladder full of various drinks from the night before, take a couple of paracetamol or Ibprofen (now that works for me) then pop yourself back in to bed for an extra couple of hours kip. Wake up, have a green tea possibly push yourself to some food, Oh salad is a good one, makes you feel pretty damn good from the antics the night bgreek-salad-whole.desktopefore. Yeah I know what your thinking (thats just weird) honest it works, kind of settles the stomach I suppose, I dont know, but it seem to work for me, I guess the water in the salad helps to re hydrate you in turn the alcohol leaves your body and then your buzzing.

Try it. Give it a go. See if it works for you.

Peace out !

Ciao, Adios, Bon Voyage.




Im 24, live in Portsmouth UK. (Nice place, take a visit) .... I enjoy most things, travel, photographing and of course writting. Funny things happen around me all the time so why not turn into something.....I like to inspire others and give people hope I guess. I was diagnosed with FND 2 years ago and still continuing the FND journey. Climb aboard and join me 🌍

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