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Something out of nothing 

Not posted in a while due to damn internet connections. 

So lets see whats happened. My partner and i have started our 6th season this time in sunny Spain, I say sunny its been raining on and off for the past two days. This season is a bit of a strange one, new campsite and all that jazz. So far the campsite has not really sold itself for work wise but the views and everything are amazing, the campsite is literally in the side of a mountain (luckily we are based at the bottom of the mountain). On a good day (FND wise) its amazing to walk up the campsite and see the views of the area. 

The local area also is bloddy brilliant. I mean check out this sea!
 ( the island ahead is called the medes islands. Apparently the water here is amazing for scuba diving)
Work here is going smooth ( as if) really it is ( honestly is not haha ). FND so far has been pretty kind to me, i think maybe its the help of the good ole Vitamin D. 🙂 

No matter what happens though once a traveller always a traveller regardless of FND. I advise you all to just reach out and go for your goals in life. Even if it takes you a while to get there, the results after will be incredible. 

Sometimes something can come out of nothing. Dont ever give up. 

Peace out !

Ciao, Adios, Bon Voyage 




Im 24, live in Portsmouth UK. (Nice place, take a visit) .... I enjoy most things, travel, photographing and of course writting. Funny things happen around me all the time so why not turn into something.....I like to inspire others and give people hope I guess. I was diagnosed with FND 2 years ago and still continuing the FND journey. Climb aboard and join me 🌍

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