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Time to pack 

This year will be mine and my partner’s 6th season (i know .. you dont have to say anything). Its crazy how time flies by so quickly. However you would think then when it comes to packing to leave the country for 6 months by now we would have got it down to T ( meaning sussed it out). No…you are are wrong. Packing is still the worst and most stressful part about travelling. 

This season we have decided we are definatly only taking a travellibg rucksack as when we finish out season work we would like to do a bit of travelling to get home (visit various friends we have met through season work). This however is appearing pretty damn stressful. 

The problem is clothes and shoes! It really is. I love my trainers and clothes way to much, i normally tend to take the majority of my clothes and trainers but this year it really cant be done. I dont have as much tshirts as my partner but i do have quite a lot of jeans. 

Not many people can really get their head around why we take the majority of our cothes and shoes, ( i dont want to keep wearing the same to be honest ) but the thing is doing season work its like moving home, you want your home for 6 months to be homely. 

This year though we are determined to do the backpack thing. ( why not YOLO and all that) our first season packing wasnt too bad because we didnt experience what we would miss but we know you need 

  • Tea Bags (cant be dealing with so called “English Tea” you buy abroad) 
  • Coffee

There is a lot more but off the top of my head they are the most important. (To me haha) 

This year the packing well has had many tantrums but we finally have succedded and got everything in

(Not to mention we have decided to take two hand luggage suitcases as well )

Has to be done when you have laptops haha. 

FND was no help this year…incredibly unhelpful. 

STRESS FREE ZONE  is always needed with FND i have discovered and packing is not that.

My advice to anyone travelling or just holidaying, hire somebody to pack your bags for you. 
Peace out !

Ciao, Adios, Bon Voyage 




Im 24, live in Portsmouth UK. (Nice place, take a visit) .... I enjoy most things, travel, photographing and of course writting. Funny things happen around me all the time so why not turn into something.....I like to inspire others and give people hope I guess. I was diagnosed with FND 2 years ago and still continuing the FND journey. Climb aboard and join me 🌍

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